“ChIPS is not about having a chronic illness but about being an adolescent and getting on with life”
(unknown ChIPPER 2006)

The story so far

ChIPSXiliary was founded in 2018 to raise funds in support of the Chronic Illness Peer Support (ChIPS) Program at the Royal Children’s Hospital. The ChIPS Program offers support to young people aged 12 to 24 who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. ChIPS, which has been running for over twenty years, offers young people the opportunity to develop networks of peers and mentors who understand the shared experience of living with a chronic illness; decreasing isolation and increasing connectedness for young people. ChIPS runs regular group programs and offers young people the opportunity to attend camps and social outings as well as offering opportunities for leadership and skill development within the program. ChIPS runs on a youth participation and empowerment model where young people are encouraged to tap into their expertise to support one another using a peer support framework.

ChIPXSiliary is excited to partner with the young people on the ChIPS Fundraising Committee, offering support to create engaging events for young people from the program as well as key stakeholders and community members. Money raised by ChIPXSiliary and the Fundraising Committee will be directed towards initiatives identified by young people from the program; including funding places for young people to attend camps and funding to support the participation of young people from rural areas. The ChIPS Program is funded through philanthropic donations with the support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, ChIPSXiliary seeks to build on these donations by partnering with local businesses to create engaging events that are enjoyed by members of our community and where all profits directly support young people’s involvement in the program.

To find out more about the Chronic Illness Peer Support Program head here.

“Being a part of ChIPS helped me come to terms with having a chronic illness and gave me something to look forward to”
(Past ChIPPER – Jess Curgenven 2018)

What we are working on

ChIPSXiliary are currently partnering with RCH Paediatrician, Mick Creati, to develop an annual cycling event that supports the ChIPS Program. Mick has been supporting the ChIPS Program for the past two years by undertaking solo cycling across vast distances in Australia. In 2017, Mick raised over $17,000 by cycling his recumbent bike from Perth to Sydney. In August 2018, Mick will cycle over 2400km from Geraldton to Uluru in support of the program. The ChIPS Program is grateful to Mick for his effort and enthusiasm and ChIPSXiliary will be working closely with Mick in 2018-2019 to develop an opportunity for others to get involved in this unique way of fundraising for the ChIPS Program.

To find out more about Mick’s current ride, click here.

ChIPSXiliary are seeking support or membership from others who are passionate about raising funds or offering services that support the ChIPS Program. If you are interested in becoming involved or have further queries please get in touch, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Office bearers

President: Michelle Powell
Vice-President/Secretary :Jordan Hammond


0416 865 418

[email protected]

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