Courage 4 Kids Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Area of greatest need

The story so far

Courage 4 Kids Auxiliary, formerly known as Courage 4 Kids Young Set, was formed in 2005. The group’s initial aim was to become the biggest seller of Auxiliary Tote Bags. Auxiliary members would sell the bags at stalls in shopping centres and at the RCH where they were supported by family and friends, as well as the Diamond Valley Lions Club.

Over time the Auxiliary started growing and selling organically grown fruit and vegetables, made jams and pickles, baked scones and cakes and potted herbs and fruit trees, all to sell on their stalls. Cameras were an unusual item that were on the stalls. It also participated in a Family Fun Day at Kilmore with a Ride on Mower Race and Create a Scarecrow event.

One project the Courage 4 Kids Auxiliary has helped fund was the purchase of Oesophageal Pacemakers for critically ill patients in PICU.

Office bearers

President: Michelle Olinder
Secretary/Treasurer: Trish Thomas


Trish Thomas

0407 856 900

[email protected]