Cardiac Paediatric Research (CPR) Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: research into paediatric cardiac conditions.

The story so far

Formed in 2000, the CPR Auxiliary was established by a group of families who all had children born with very complex and serious heart malformations. Their reason for establishing the Auxiliary was simple; they wanted to raise funds for paediatric cardiac research and associated equipment and improve quality of life for children with congenital heart defects and ensure they have the very best chance at survival.

Some of the group’s fundraising activities have included Paddy’s Market, the hospital’s Christmas and Easter raffles and fundraising stalls. Members have also volunteered their time in the Auxiliaries Gift Shop.

Over the years the Auxiliary has purchased equipment for research use, which has also been used by the Cardiac Department to assist with the care of children suffering with heart disease. The Auxiliary has recently contributed funds towards a specialised software program enabling cardiologists and surgeons to have access at all times, in any location, to their patients’ history.

Office bearers

President: Carol Bosward
Secretary: Annette Antolino
Treasurer: Lew Bosward


Carol Bosward

0414 694 765

[email protected]