Dirty Hands Happy Hearts Auxiliary

Raising funds to support the hospital’s garden program.

Area: Parkville

The story so far

Dirty Hands Happy Hearts Auxiliary was formed in 2003 by Julie Robinson to support the garden program at the RCH. The garden program at the RCH provides gardening therapy for patients, and helps to foster a beautiful outdoor area for patients, staff and family to enjoy. The garden gives families and patients a reprieve from the clinical atmosphere of the wards.

What we are working on

The fundraising efforts of Dirty Hands Happy Hearts Auxiliary have funded numerous ornaments for the garden as well as a shade shelter and new signage welcoming guests to the garden. Patients and family members spend countless hours in and around the garden, which has now become an oasis of life within the surrounds of the hospital.

Office bearers

President: Julie Robinson


Julie Robinson

0402 900 715

[email protected]