Haemophilia Auxiliary (HAUX)

Raising funds to support children with haemophilia.

Area: Canterbury

The story so far

HAUX was originally founded in 1976. During the 1980s, HAUX lay dormant, until 2001 when it was reformed by Penny Suzuki, the mother of Jack, a haemophilia patient at the RCH. Since then, thanks to the excellent treatment of the RCH, Jack has grown up and is now being treated as an adult.

What we are working on

In 2010 Liz Bishop, the mother of a child with haemophilia at the RCH, took over HAUX and is raising funds to assist research for a cure of haemophilia and for pain distraction therapy. In 2010 HAUX also held their inaugural Haux Red Ball at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne to help support HAUX’s goals for a cure. This incredible event raised significant funds for haemophilia research.

Office bearers

President: Liz Bishop


Liz Bishop

0425 784 342

[email protected]