Heart Throb Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Cardiology Department camp

The story so far

Heart Throb Auxiliary is a small special-purpose auxiliary raising funds to support cardiac care for children from Koala Ward who have had heart transplants, who are waiting on a transplant or who are chronically ill with cardiac conditions. For 30 years, the Heart Throb Auxiliary funded and organised camps for children referred from the RCH’s Cardiac Ward, Koala, who had a limited life expectancy.

The camps, which were also attended by doctors and nursing staff from the Koala ward, gave young children an opportunity to make memories and lifelong friendships with other children who understood what it was like to live with a life limiting illness. Support was extended to incorporate a junior leadership mentoring program which was developed to connect past patients with current patients.

Since the conclusion of the camps in 2017, the Auxiliary has been working with the hospital to develop a new social connectiveness and mentor programs for cardiac children with limited life expectancies.

Office bearers

President: Amanda Carabott
Secretary: Bill Gordon
Treasurer: Bernadette Barnes


Amanda Carabott
0411 277 575

[email protected]