Hidden Treasures Auxiliary

Raising funds to support children living with Turner Syndrome.

Area: Melbourne and Victoria

The story so far

The Hidden Treasures Auxiliary was founded in 2004 to support patients at the RCH living with Turner Syndrome and their families through funding and support.

Turner Syndrome is a genetic disorder effecting 1 in 2000 women that causes infertility, short stature and some physical abnormalities. While hormone treatment may help with some symptoms, there is no known cure.

What we are working on

Much of the work done by the Hidden Treasures Auxiliary involves providing support and networking for those living with Turner Syndrome and raising awareness of the condition. The team raises awareness of Turner Syndrome through media articles, community functions, public speaking, awareness events and information DVDs. These events and a regular Turner Syndrome newsletter are provided for by the funds raised by Hidden Treasures Auxiliary.

Office bearers

President: Marie Karamesinis
Secretary: Karlene Lynch
Treasurer: Alison Fairbank


Marie Karamesinis

03 9572 0534

[email protected]