Inverloch Diabetic Unit Auxiliary

Raises funds to support endocrinology by funding a complications screening nurse.

Area: Inverloch

The story so far

Inverloch Diabetic Unit Auxiliary was formed in 2000 by Kerrie Beauglehall as a way to support endocrinology and diabetes at the hospital. Kerrie has been the driving force behind the auxiliary since her daughter Carla was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Although Carla is now grown up and no longer receiving her health care from the RCH, Kerrie and her team continue to work tirelessly to ensure that children learning to live with diabetes have the best chance of maintaining good health.

What we are working on

Every year more than 300 people from the surrounding area attend Inverloch’s Annual Dinner Dance to raise funds for the RCH Endocrinology Department. This event has proven so successful and well-supported it sells out each and every year and raises enough funds to solely fund a diabetes complications screening nurse. The screening nurse checks 1,400 children every year for heart, kidney and eye complications. Since Inverloch began funding the screening nurse position, the incidence of complications has dropped from around thirty percent to one percent.

Office bearers

President/Treasurer: Kerrie Beauglehall
Secretary: Ross Beauglehall


Kerrie Beauglehall

0408 775 535

[email protected]