Parkville Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Music Therapy and area of greatest need

The story so far

The Parkville Auxiliary was officially formed in 1946. In the early days, a majority of the members were Parkville residents but over the years, friends and neighbours of members were encouraged to join and help with fundraising activities.

The group raises funds by holding stalls and working in the Auxiliaries Gift Shop. For a time, they also volunteered in the Foundation Office. The Auxiliary is renowned for their hand knitted and sewn toys, gourmet Christmas Hamper sales and baked items on their stalls at the RCH. A fundraising highlight for the group was when a member and her friends created 150 plush UooUoo’s in celebration of the RCH’s 150th Anniversary.

Funds raised by Parkville have supported the work of the Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Music Therapy Departments. In 2021, the Auxiliary celebrated its 75th anniversary, with many of its members contributing more than 20 years to help support the hospital.

Along with her husband, Ken Harrison AM KSJ, Parkville Auxiliaries member Jill Harrison OAM DSJ supported the Aboriginal Art Project. Commissioned by the RCH Foundation in recognition of the hospital’s 150th anniversary in 2020, the Aboriginal Art Project features the work of three artists and has been made possible through the generosity of Ken and Jill among other supporters

2022/2023 Auxiliary Report

The Parkville Auxiliary ladies were thrilled to be able to hold their stalls back in at the RCH at the new location near the Main Entrance to the hospital. We were warmly welcomed back by stall and families. Our home baked goods are extremely popular and sell out quickly. We also have well priced knitwear, quilts and rugs, beautiful hand crafted toys and cards, making a very colourful display. We are most grateful to the clever ladies who create and generously donate items for us to sell with 100 per cent of stall proceeds going to the hospital. We enjoyed participating in Market Days again with other Auxiliaries, particularly after these had been suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A highlight was the stall we had at a Parkville Association event in a park near the hospital. It was a great opportunity to inform the local community about the work of our Auxiliary and a successful fundraiser, despite inclement weather.

The total funds raised this year by our Auxiliary was $19,794. A great team effort with each member contributing in some way. Thank you and well done Parkville ladies!​

Office bearers

President: Jan Gilbertson
Secretary: Ann Sullivan
Treasurer: Marilyn McInnes


Jan Gilbertson
0402 096 148


[email protected]