Prem Bubs Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Area of greatest need

The story so far

PremBubs Auxiliary was established in 2006 by the Hubbard family to raise funds for the Department of Neonatal Medicine.

The Auxiliary collects broken or second-hand toys, and spends its time repairing, cleaning and packaging the toys to sell at their stalls at the RCH, which is one of the most rewarding activities for many members. Demand is so high that the Auxiliary has required all of the pods and even brought additional tables to sell their goods. On occasion, parents aren’t able to treat or reward their children with a toy, so the Auxiliary members will give them one.

Selling of the toys has enabled the Auxiliary to fund the NICU Cot Program for six years and purchase a Bioptigen Envisu Imaging System, a Hybrid Warmer and a Radiant Warmer.

Office bearers

President: Irene Hubbard
Secretary: Tony Hubbard
Steven Hubbard


Irene Hubbard

0402 270 540

[email protected]