Prem Bubs Auxiliary

Raising funds to support the Neonatal Unit at the RCH.

Area: Plenty

The story so far

Founded in 2006 by Irene and Tony Hubbard, Prem Bubs Auxiliary is a small but incredibly active and successful group that raises funds to support the Neonatal Unit at the RCH. Irene has been supporting Auxiliaries for over 30 years, and has received both the honorary Living Treasures Award and Madge Tate Service Award for her incredible dedication to raising funds and awareness for the hospital.

What we are working on

Prem Bubs raises funds through the stall it has run in the hospital foyer every two weeks for the past five years. On trading days of their Monster Toy Stall, the members leave their home at 3.30am with a loaded trailer of toys that have been donated, and carefully cleaned, assembled and priced, often not returning home until after 9pm. These toy stalls often raise over $2,000 from purely donated goods, with Prem Bubs raising a staggering $250,000 over the past four years.

Office bearers

President: Irene Hubbard
Secretary: Tony Hubbard
Steven Hubbard


Irene Hubbard

0402 270 540

[email protected]