SMILE Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Area of greatest need 

The story so far

SMILE Auxiliary, which stands for Supporting Miracles In Life Everyday, was established in March 2023 by Alexa Black. Alexa was was inspired by her daughter Isobel’s recovery from paraplegia thanks to the amazing work of the RCH.

In 2016, at the age of five, Isobel awoke one morning paralysed. Doctors at the RCH found that she had an arachnoid cyst on her spine that had compressed her spinal cord, causing significant neurological damage. At this time, it was not expected that Isobel would ever walk again, but through the dedication of doctors, nurses and allied health staff at the RCH, Isobel’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle. It is due to this experience, and the similar experiences shared by families in their local community, that SMILE Auxiliary strives to support the hospital that does so much for so many Victorians.

15 members make up the Auxiliary, with several more ‘Friends of the Auxiliary’ on board to assist with making stock for stalls. SMILE raises funds by holding stalls at the RCH, Bunnings and other local markets and events. They also run Bunnings sausage sizzles when they can. In late August 2023, SMILE held their inaugural Luncheon Fundraiser which raised over $6,000.

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Office bearers

President : Alexa Black
Secretary: Katherine Briggs
Treasurer: Marisa Jarvis


Alexa Black

[email protected]