Smiley Auxiliary

Raising funds for wish list items, giving the RCH Foundation the ability to respond to the most pressing needs of the hospital.

Area: Bayswater

The story so far

The Smiley Auxiliary was established in 2005 by Joan Courtney and Margaret Ash, two dedicated and committed community volunteers who wanted to support the RCH. Based in the eastern suburbs, the Smiley Auxiliary works hard in its local community running stalls at shopping centres and markets to raise much-needed funds for the hospital.

What we are working on

Members of the Smiley Auxiliary recently decided to direct their raised funds to support Professor Dinah Reddihough and the Department of Child Development and Rehabilitation to be used for a saliva control program, a part-time dental nurse and a nurse to assist children with Prader Willi syndrome.

Office bearers

President: Joan Courtney
Secretary/Treasurer: Margaret Ash


Joan Courtney

03 9729 1235

[email protected]