South Western Auxiliary

Raising funds for wishlist items, giving the RCH Foundation the ability to respond to the most pressing needs of the hospital.

Area: South Western Victoria

The story so far

The South Western Auxiliary, founded in 1953, is based in Warrnambool, South Western Victoria, and has been raising funds to support the hospital’s wishlist for almost 60 years. It raises funds through weekly card nights, Tupperware evenings and leather goods parties. The auxiliary also raises funds through the annual fashion parade held during the Wunta Festival, and last year organised a bus trip to the Oaks. South Western Auxiliary also holds numerous stalls throughout the year at fairs and shows selling RCH auxiliary merchandise, which is always a big hit!

What we are working on

With the success of its fundraising endeavours, South Western Auxiliary has been able to fund the purchase of numerous pieces of equipment from the hospital’s wishlist, including a Digitrapper pH recorder and multi-use catheters for the Gastroenterology Department, valued at over $20,000.

Office bearers

President/Secretary: Judy Conn
Treasurer: Leanne Bartlett


Judy Conn

[email protected]

0435 739 370