South Western Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Area of greatest needed

The story so far

Founded in 1968, the South Western Auxiliary, which is based in Warrnambool, South West Victoria, has been raising funds to support the hospital for over 50 years.

The Auxiliary raises funds through weekly card nights, selling homemade goods at community events and shows, and catering. The Auxiliary is well known for its catering skills over many years at the Freemasons dinners, weekly card nights, 21st birthdays and the Old Time Ball. A significant fundraising activity has been tin rattling on Good Friday. Family and friends helped out and a fantastic result was achieved in 2018 when $32,672 was collected.

Regular stalls are held by the Auxiliary, stocked with homemade food and knitted and sewn items all made by the members. The ladies have also enjoyed bus trips to Melbourne and country areas.

South Western Auxiliary has funded equipment for the Dentistry, Cardiac, Dermatology and Home Care Program Departments. It also contributed to the Satellite Pharmacy project.

Office bearers

President and Secretary: Judy Conn


Judy Conn

[email protected]

0435 739 370