Special Kids EBC Auxiliary

Raising funds for a much needed social worker/psychologist in the Developmental Medicine Department. The aim of this position will be one of support; helping children and their families with coping strategies and enabling them to thrive. 

Area: Eildon & the Mornington Peninsula

The story so far

Special Kids EBC Auxiliary began in early 2012 while chatting with friends over a glass of wine at the Eildon Boat Club. I was sharing my experiences of the wonderful Royal RCH, after the birth of my beautiful grandson, Rye.

The RCH and their staff are simply amazing. To give back, Special Kids EBC Auxiliary would like to try and make a difference in the lives children and their families by raising money in our community.

My family have had many trips to the RCH and it continues to impress me. My daughter Brooke and her son Rye attend regularly as Rye has special needs. I’m proud that his mum Brooke is involved in Special Kids EBC Auxiliary, and as a group we are committed to helping these kids.

From this experience, our family sees firsthand the pressures that the children and their families experience whilst receiving care from the RCH.

From this, Special Kids EBC Auxiliary believe that providing extra care and support to children with special needs makes a world of difference to their development and ongoing happiness.

Office bearers

President/Treasurer: Lisa Smith
Secretary: Brooke Johnson


Lisa Smith

0419 890 650

[email protected]