Strokidz Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Haemotology/Neurology

The story so far

Strokidz Auxiliary was established in 2006 by parents of children who had suffered a brain injury. The Auxiliary was formed to not only fundraise for the Neurology Department, but to also provide peer support for children and their families who were affected by childhood stroke.

The Auxiliary has mainly raised funds via stalls at the RCH and through direct donations. Strokidz wrote and produced a children’s storybook about childhood stroke to help explain to families, friends and classmates of children that have had a stroke, what has happened to their friend in a way that children can easily understand and relate to.

The Auxiliary has also initiated an annual stroke information session which covers current research, rehabilitation and outcomes following stroke, neonatal stroke, post stroke behaviours and returning to school following a stroke.

Throughout the years, members have enjoyed their annual Christmas party and family fun days including a Teddy Bears Picnic at Jells Park, a day at Funfields in Whittlesea and a day out at Werribee OpenPlains Zoo.

Office bearers

President: Darren Kohne
Treasurer: Jackie Nielsen


Darren Kohne

03 9574 7071

[email protected]