Trailblazers Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Developmental Medicine – leadership

The story so far

Trailblazers Auxiliary was founded in 2005 by a small group of friends with the goal of supporting the Department of Child Development and Rehabilitation, which treats and supports children with multiple disabilities and cerebral palsy.

Selling the Entertainment Book, which it took over from Ultimate Challenge Auxiliary, and propagating plants at home to sell at stalls at the RCH have been significant fundraising activities for the Auxiliary. It also sold Tote Bags and auctioned the Australian Captain’s polo shirt at the Hocking Stuart Polo Match at Albert Park in 2006. Rotary was also a financial supporter.

With funds raised, the Auxiliary was able to support the Child Initiated Play Assessment Kit for psychologists, as well as the Saliva Control Clinic. It also contributed funds to launch and maintain the Victorian Prader-Willi Register, which is important in allowing RCH to determine the rate of Prader-Willi syndrome in Victoria and the health and behavioural effects of this condition on the individual and their families.

Office bearers

President/Secretary: Anne McGeary
Treasurer: Diane Powlesland


Anne McGeary

03 9592 0187

[email protected]