Trailblazers Auxiliary

Raising funds to support Developmental Medicine at the RCH.

Area: Brighton

The story so far

Trailblazers Auxiliary was founded in 2005 and supports Developmental Medicine at the RCH, which treats and supports children with multiple disabilities and cerebral palsy.

What we are working on

Trailblazers Auxiliary raises funds through its work in the RCH gift shop and merchandise stalls in the hospital foyer. It also sells Entertainment Books as a fundraiser.

With the assistance of funds raised by Trailblazers Auxiliary, the Developmental Medicine Department purchased the Griffiths Development Scales. Development scales measure gross motor skills, personal-social development, and hand and eye coordination and performance. This provides a general developmental quotient for each area of development, which is vital in assessing and understanding patients.

Office bearers

President/Secretary: Anne McGeary
Treasurer: Diane Powlesland


Anne McGeary

03 9592 0187

[email protected]