Victorian Quilters Very Snuggly Quilts Auxiliary

Creating and distributing beautiful handmade quilts and blankets for patients and familes at the RCH.

The story so far

In 1999 the Victorian Quilters Inc. started visiting the RCH, delivering quilts received from group members. In 2004, the group became an official Auxiliary which was then known as the Wrapped in Love Auxiliary.

A name change in 2019 saw the group become the Victorian Quilters Very Snuggly Quilts Auxiliary, but its ethos stayed the same – visiting the wards and supplying quilts directly to children at the hospital. The quilts and blankets are given to patients in the RCH and parents of stillborn babies to provide comfort and solace and to make the time spent in the hospital easier.

On quilt delivery day, there is a buzz in the hospital that the Quilt Ladies are here, with staff and visitors commenting on the positive effects that the quilts have on everyone. The quilts are treasured by the children and bring comfort in difficult times.

Since 1999, the Auxiliary has gifted more than 18,000 quilts with a value in excess of $3 million.

2022/2023 Auxiliary Report

Our Auxiliary has a small team of accredited volunteers who visit the hospital monthly. Since December 2022, we have delivered 958 quilts to children who have a chronic and/or life threatening illness. We have also supported other Auxiliaries by providing quilts for their raffles.

Office bearers

President: Judith Oke
Vice President: Elaine Hicks
Secretary: Lyn Cooper