Victorian Quilters Very Snuggly Quilts Auxiliary

Creating and distributing beautiful handmade quilts and blankets for patients and familes at the RCH.

Area: Mt Evelyn

The story so far

Founded as an Auxiliary in 2004, Wrapped In Love distributes Very Snuggly Quilts and is coordinated by Ros Brown and Marie Lee on behalf of Victorian Quilters Inc.

The Victorian Quilters is a volunteer organisation aimed at bringing quilters together, promoting the art of quilting and patchwork, and encouraging the establishment and activities of quilting groups. The Wrapped in Love Auxiliary distributes the beautiful handmade quilts and blankets made by skilled volunteers of the Very Snuggly Quilts program. The quilts and blankets are given to patients in the RCH and parents of stillborn babies to provide comfort and solace and to make the time spent in the hospital easier.

What we are working on

Ros Brown visits the RCH each month and distributes quilts to patients. Ros is known as Mrs Quilt Lady and there is always a ripple throughout the hospital on the days she visits. This program is proudly sponsored by Bernina, Matilda’s Own Wadding, Victorian Textiles, G J’s Discount fabrics, Laurastar, Horn Sewing Cabinets, Westalee Rulers, and Quilter’s Barn.

The quilts for this program are received from individuals and quilting groups that are situated in Victoria as well as interstate.

The quilts are a gift to the child, and the children and families who receive a quilt often express surprise that people would generously spend time to create something that is then given to a child whom they do not know. These quilts quickly become a treasured possession of the child and many children insist that this quilt is taken on each trip back to the hospital.

All quilts received are registered and a record kept of the child that received each quilt. If a thank you letter is received, a copy of that letter (with all identifying details removed) is forwarded to the maker of the quilt.

Over the past year, Ros has given a number of talks to a variety of groups, including Probus, Rotary and senior citizens’ associations, as well as quilting groups.

Office bearers

President: Marie Lee
Secretary: Denise Reynolds


Marie Lee

0403 790 390

[email protected]