Waverley Auxiliary

Raising funds for the Developmental Medicine Department to provide for a position to assist with the Mother Goose Program.

Area: Eastern suburbs

The story so far

Founded in 1967, Waverley is a very friendly auxiliary, with many members who meet regularly. It distributes a regular newsletter that keeps members informed as to the latest happenings of the auxiliary. Waverley Auxiliary raises funds through a variety of events including stalls, raffles, luncheons and fashion events.

What we are working on

The Waverley Auxiliary funds the Mother Goose program in the Developmental Medicine Department. This program aims to provide coping and bonding tools for disadvantaged families, including mothers suffering from post-natal depression.

The program, which is aural and requires no reading skills, has been funded by the Waverley Auxiliary since its inception in 2004. This year, the auxiliary raised $15,000 to pay for two staff members to run the program, which is offered free-of-charge through Maternal and Child Health Centres in Flemington, Brunswick and Ascot Vale.

Waverley Auxiliary has raised a total of $90,000 in support of the Mother Goose program over the past six years, and since 1967 a grand total of $492,105.

Office bearers

President: Louise Hastie
Secretary: Pauline Raby
Treasurer: Beverley Millar


Louise Hastie

0409 460 829

[email protected]