Waverley Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: The Neurodevelopment and Disability Department and the Mother Goose Program

The story so far

Formed in 1967, the Waverley Auxiliary supports the Developmental Medicine Department at RCH. Through the years, the Auxiliary has raised funds by holding stalls, raffles and luncheons. Its football raffle was a favourite with patients, parents and many of the staff in the hospital. It has also held an acclaimed Musicale backed by the Melbourne Singers and wonderful artists from the musicals including Richard Thomas and other winning artists on pianoforte, harp, violin and viola and recorder.

For 21 years it ran a fashion parade, where members were models. At these events, luncheons were served, raffles won, and jewellery and handbags bought.

The Waverley Auxiliary funds the Mother Goose program in the Developmental Medicine Department. This program aims to provide coping and bonding tools for disadvantaged families, including mothers suffering from post-natal depression. The program, which is auditory and requires no reading skills, has been funded by the Waverley Auxiliary since its inception in 2004.

The Auxiliary is very lucky to still have inaugural member, Elizabeth Wilson, as part of the group. Elizabeth has been a member for 54 years, contributing to the Waverley’s impressive $859,000 fundraising total.

2022/2023 Auxiliary Report

We are back having our monthly meetings at Alvie Hall Mount Waverley with a Dutch auction and games days. We also have interesting speakers, one of which was member Bev Millar who spoke about her five week adventurous self drive campervan trip via Central Australia and Darwin – we were all enthralled. We also had member Joe Shakes share her knowledge of floristry with us.

We were delighted to attend the 100 years of Auxiliaries celebrations, including the Picnic in the Park, the launch of the Auxiliaries Cookbook and the AGM and Centenary High Tea at the Sofitel. They were wonderful events and very much appreciated.

It’s great to be back in at the RCH on the pods and attending Market Days. We held a couple of stalls at The Pines Shopping Centre Doncaster and our newest member, Alana Freame, organised three consecutive morning stalls at Syndal Baptist Church at which their play groups, craft group, fellowship groups and bible study group were our very generous customers.

A special thank you to all our members and their friends who knit, sew and donate items for our stalls, this enables us to continue to fundraise. Thank you also to Lucia Di Maio, the AEC and the RCH Foundation for their continued encouragement and support.

Office bearers

President: Louise Hastie
Secretary: Pauline Raby
Treasurer: Beverley Millar


Louise Hastie

0409 460 829

[email protected]