Guide to Christmas Giving

By supporting The Royal Children’s Hospital, you can help children like Holly spend Christmas with their families

Gifts that do good

Swapping your Kris Kringle gift for a donation to the hospital goes a long way to making a difference. Even a $15 donation can help support children like Holly enjoy Christmas with their families.

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Make a donation on behalf of a loved one

This Christmas give a gift with a difference to support the children at the RCH.  After you’ve made the donation, download and personalise an e-card below to let your loved one know you have donated on their behalf.

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Turn your Christmas event into a fundraiser

This year, your Christmas BBQ, morning tea or staff party could also be supporting children at the RCH. Register your party and we’ll send you out a collection tin, a simple way for your friends and colleagues to chip in.

Register your fundraiser

Donate to our Christmas Appeal

Holly was sitting beside the campfire when it suddenly flared up, lighting Holly’s hair and clothes on fire. Thanks to the incredible care at the RCH, Holly is excited to spend Christmas at home this year.

You can help give RCH children like Holly the greatest gift of all – Christmas with their families.

Donate today

Shop gifts that give back

The RCH Gratitude Hub online store has a specially curated collection of gift ideas including beautifully designed mini UooUoo mug and coaster sets from Maxwell & Williams, carry bags, plush meerkats in scrubs and handcrafted goods by volunteer Auxiliary members.

All proceeds from sales at the RCH Gratitude Hub online store support vital projects and initiatives at the hospital so you can feel good knowing you’ve purchased a gift that gives back.

Shop at the RCH Gratitude Hub online store

Downloadable E-Cards

We’ve created a range of e-cards for you to download, personalise and print at home to let your favourite person know that you’ve made a donation on their behalf.