Hospital Heroes Gallery: Outreach

The RCH150 Hospital Heroes Gallery celebrates the heroes of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) – those who go above and beyond to make the RCH one of the world’s great hospitals for children.

Outreach showcases just some of the RCH’s people, services and programs dedicated to the advancement of paediatric healthcare, with global benefits.

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This gallery is in celebration of those who have made a positive impact on the lives of children and their families regionally, nationally and internationally.​

Refugee and Migrant Research Program, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI)

Linking paediatric health to newly arrived communities.

Employing health workers of refugee background, this MCRI program provides health services and paediatric health evaluations to recently arrived communities.

L-R: Refugee Migrant Research Program Lead Elisha Riggs with Shadow Toke (Karen Community), Postdoctoral Fellow Laura Biggs, Ta Mwe Paw Noe (Karen Community) and Maryaan Essa (Iraqi Community).

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

The RCH National Child Health Poll, the RCH

Expanding paediatric knowledge to parents, families and clinicians.

The National Child Health Poll is a national quarterly survey of Australian households, linking families and clinicians to information about contemporary adolescent and paediatric health issues.

Clinician and Director of the RCH National Child Health Poll, Dr Anthea Rhodes.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Aboriginal Reference Group, MCRI

Advocating for Indigenous voices in paediatric health research.

The MCRI Aboriginal Reference Group works with Aboriginal communities to co-design, implement and evaluate strategies that promote First Nations health, wellbeing and equity.

L-R: Co-chair Justin Mohamed with Boonwurrung Elder N’arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AO, Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Di Kerr OAM, and Co-chair Helen Kennedy.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Burns Unit, The RCH

Leading the way in paediatric trauma, burns and surgery research.

The RCH Burns Unit is the designated statewide burns centre for paediatrics in Victoria, with a team of clinical specialists treating around 600 new burns cases each year.

Director of the RCH Trauma Service and Clinical Lead for the Burns Unit, Associate Professor Warwick Teague.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation and Victorian Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service

Providing remedial cancer care to regional patients.

Oncology nurse Chris Williams connects regional Victorian towns by providing paediatric oncology services to remedial cancer patients.

Bob Skilton Outreach Nurse Chris Williams.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Melbourne Children’s Global Health, Melbourne Children’s Campus

Building paediatric knowledge with international partners.

Melbourne Children’s Global Health is an initiative that aims to reduce inequality and improve child health through international partnerships in research, public health, education and advocacy.

Dr Julie Cayrol with Professor Michael Sullivan and Jayne Harrison from the Melbourne Children’s Campus.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci


The RCH Children’s Bioethics Centre, the RCH

Delivering ethical support to clinicians and families.

The RCH Bioethics Centre provides ethical support to patients, families and clinicians nationwide to assist with sensitive and complex ethical decision making.

L-R: Professor John Massie with Academic Director of the RCH Children’s Bioethics Centre Professor Lynn Gillam with Project Officers Karen Fellows and Georgina Hall.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Paediatric Infant Perinatal Emergency Retrieval (PIPER), the RCH

Providing statewide emergency retrieval for all paediatric, neonatal and perinatal emergency calls

PIPER provides Australian families with vital nationwide emergency support through digital services, as well as undertaking emergency and complex patient retrievals in Victoria, Tasmania and southern New South Wales.

PIPER retrieval staff Kelly Waterman (left) and Doug Blank (far right) with ambulance retrieval service.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Simulation Program, the RCH

Improving the care of children through technology, training and education.

The RCH Simulation Centre gives healthcare providers the opportunity to practice high-risk events and procedures in a safe environment through simulated scenarios. The program also educates local and regional healthcare workers through physical sessions and digital recordings.

Simulation Clinical Lead Jenni Sokol with Ella Scott and Felicity McCarthy simulating a high risk resuscitation.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Allied Health and Nursing Education Outreach Program, the RCH

Supporting regional communities with education and training. 

The RCH Allied Health Nursing and Education Program provides tailored healthcare training to regional and remote communities across Victoria.

Allied Health Nurse Educators Virginia Beckerman and Sarah Temby.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Wadja Aboriginal Family Place, the RCH

Leading the way in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander paediatric research and care

Staff from the Wadja Aboriginal Family Place offer clinical, emotional, social and cultural support and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.

Wadja paediatrician and researcher Dr Renata Kukuruzovic.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Complex Care Hub, the RCH

Providing care and support outside of the hospital’s walls.

The RCH Complex Care Hub supports children with complex health issues across the state by coordinating a team of multidisciplinary health professionals who can provide them with the best possible care.

Allied Health Nurses Susan Fehring and Erin Georgiou with RCH Complex Care Hub patient Mason in his home.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci


Extending care through digital platforms.

The hospital’s very own TV channel, RCH TV, is host to a number of shows that stream both in patient’s rooms as well as on YouTube. One of these programs, Be Positive, helps children learn and understand more about the hospital and what happens here, receiving 56 million views worldwide.

L-R: Videographers Grace O’Brien and Rob Grant with Child Life Therapist and RCH TV Host Carli Alicastro and Creative Services Manager Simon Pase.

Emergency Department, the RCH

Providing immediate response to patients nationwide.

The RCH’s Emergency Department provides world class care to an average of 250 patients each day with a range of medical conditions. The team sees an average total of 90,000 sick children each year from across the nation.

Emergency department nurse Erica Choong.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

Children’s Cancer Centre Tissue Bank, MCRI

Enabling worldwide research into treatments and cures for paediatric cancer.

The Tissue Bank works with RCH patients collecting and preserving cancerous cells. The bank is an internationally acclaimed source of tissue samples, that help paediatric research globally.

Tissue Bank Coordinator, Dr Louise Ludlow.

Photographer: Jemma Gauci

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