Endowment Supporters

Endowments are established by donors to provide long term support. Their gift is invested and only the income earned is paid to the RCH Foundation on a regular basis to support the hospital.

Margery and Keith Aitken Foundation
John Anderson

Thomas Henry and Marjorie Betty Barnard Donation*
Benjamin Barnes
Arthur Edwin and Anne Edith Barry*
Amy Bastings Trust
Frank Hincks Bateman
Neville and Di Bertalli and Family Clinical Neurosurgical Fellowship*
E C Blackwood Charitable Trust
Alfred L Blannin
Ernest L Brown Charitable Trust
Jessie Carnegie Burnett

Silas Clark Charitable Trust
Dennis Osborne Clarke Charitable Trust
The Rae Burnett Farmer Collins Bequest
Kevin Stewart Cowell
Thomas and Louisa Cowell Memorial Fund
Margaret Elizabeth Croft*
Alfred Noel Curphey

DTM and E Davies Memorial Trust
Dunn Family Perpetual Trust

John Fleming
John William and Anna Maria Ford Memorial Fund
Jakob Frenk

George Lawrence Godfree Bequest
Keith Goods Memorial Trust
Grant Bequest
Alice Marion Grimwade

Helen Hadi*
Herbert William Hampton*
Marjorie Hayes and Olivia Cock Memorial*
Joyce Adelaide Healey Charitable Trust Fund
Margaret Henderson
John Henry Charitable Trust
Louisa Henty
Frank Hayley and Doris Verna Hodgson Trust
Arthur and Sheilah Horne Charitable Trust

William and Mary Ievers

Ruby and Milton Johnson
Doris and Rupert Joseph Charitable Trust

Denis Aloysius King*
Joseph Kronheimer Charitable Fund

Joseph and Kate Levi Charitable Trust
Lillian Little Trust
Martha Miranda Livingstone
C D Lloyd Charitable Trust

William Macrow Estate
Charlotte Marshall
William Marshall
J R G and E McKenzie Bequest
Edith McTaggart Charitable Trust
Horatio R McWilliams
Margaret Lillian Merrifield Memorial Fund
David Matthais Morgan
Harry Lyon Moss Trust Fund

Katharine St. Clair Nanson
Jenifer Nicholas Bequest*
Emma Nowak Fund

Eugene and Janet O’Sullivan Trust

George Pile Charitable Trust
Leigh and May Price Trust For Charities
Isabella Agnes Pritchard*
Peter James Provelson Trust Fund

Kitty and Harry Ramondt Charitable Trust
Ethelwyn Elsbeth Richardson Trust
Rigg Memorial Trust
E J and M Roberts Trust
Edith and Don Robinson Charitable Trust
George Roche
Simon Rothberg Charitable Trust

Andrew James Schreuder Foundation
Archibald Shannon Trust
Frederick B Shepherd Trust
William Arthur Shipperlee*
Heather Sybil Smith
Dorothy Isabel Stirling Charitable Trust
Margaret Jean Sutton Charitable Trust
John Henry James Symon Charitable Trust
Mary Symon Charitable Trust

Ruth and Harry Taafe
Augusta Bessie Tadgell
Flora Louisa Thompson Charitable Trust
Gary Thomson Endowment
Harry Tootal and Eva Broadhurst Memorial Trust
Joseph Thornton Tweddle

Jane H Walker
Eliza Wallis Charitable Trust
William and Aileen Walsh Trust
Francis, Thomas and Jeanette Warren Trust
Norman, Mavis and Graeme Waters Trust
Ernest and Letitia Wears Memorial Trust Fund
Arthur Wells Trust
George Wesleck and Violet Morewood Trust Fund Grant Bequest
Judith Myrtle and David Edward Williams*
Emily Vera Winder
Charles Wright Trust
John Frederick Wright

Ephraim Yoffa Charitable Trust


We acknowledge the support of many individual trustees and trustee companies in the ongoing management and direction of endowed funds to support The Royal Children’s Hospital.

We especially thank the following:
Equity Trustees


*State Trustees Australia Foundation (STAF)

Create an endowment for the RCH

If you are interested in creating an endowment to benefit RCH, you can learn more by contacting the Bequests and Planned Giving team.