RCH150 Timeline: 1890

1891: First honorary pathologist appointed

The first Honorary Pathologist, Dr. Crawford Mollison is appointed. He also held honorary pathology positions at the Women’s and Melbourne hospital.

1897: Radiology department opens

The hospital is the first public hospital in Melbourne to open a Radiology department under Dr. Herbert Hewlett. The Committee purchased X-ray equipment for £25.

This demonstrated the Committee’s desire to stay on top of new technology, as X-rays were only discovered in 1895.

Under Hewlett’s leadership, radiology developed rapidly at the Children’s Hospital.

The First X-Ray Apparatus, 1896
The Children’s Hospital; Carlton, Victoria
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1898: New outpatient building opens

A new Outpatients building opens in Drummond Street.

The Children’s Hospital; Carlton, Victoria
Gelatin silver photograph

1898: Hospital accepts first female doctor

The hospital accepts its first female doctor – Dr. Ethel Mary Cowan.
Dr. Mary Cowan completed nurse training at Ballarat Hospital before studying medicine at the University of Melbourne.

A Children’s Hospital honorary, Charles Ryan, said “I have formed a high opinion of her ability, and take pleasure in recommending her to any institution requiring the services of a well-qualified Resident Officer.”