RCH150 Timeline: 1900

1900: Hospital holds three week fundraiser for new kitchens

A fundraising bazaar is held at the Exhibition Buildings to raise money to fund the building of new kitchens for the hospital.

The bazaar ran for three weeks with stalls of goods for sale, and a different program of entertainment every day. Some of the most popular attractions were the first tennis matches played under lights in Victoria, a re-enactment of bush ranging put on by the mounted police, a horse high jump competition and poetry recitations by Banjo Paterson.

The bazaar raised £17,510 and cleared the hospital of debt.

The hospital also had a continued source of revenue from sales of the bazaar’s souvenir book, Childhood in Bud and Blossom which featured signed portraits of Queen Victoria, the Governor-General and all state governors, articles, short stories and poems from Banjo Paterson, Ada Cambridge, Robert Baden-Powell and Mary Gaunt, and a verse of poem from Lord Tennyson handwritten by his son who was the Governor of South Australia.

1902: First University of Melbourne paediatric representative appointed

Dr. William Snowball is nominated as the first paediatric representative to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Melbourne. He was succeeded by Dr. Peter Bennie after the death of Dr. William Snowball.​

1903: New medical wards open and first babies are admitted

New medical wards open in the “Princess May Pavilion” on the corner of Pelham and Drummond streets, and babies are admitted for the first time.

Snowball Ward, 1908
The Children’s Hospital; Carlton, Victoria
Gelatin silver photograph


1907: The new three storey John Robertson nursing home opens in Rathdowne Street

New surgical wards, “Edward Wilson Pavilion”, opens.​