Support the RCH Auxiliaries and the Good Friday Appeal

Right now, people across Victoria are digging deep and raising funds to help provide world-class care to young patients at the RCH – and I’m hoping you will do the same.

By donating, you will help children like 10-year-old Emily.

Emily is an incredibly bubbly and bright girl with a slow growing glioma, a type of brain tumour. She is the heart and soul of her family, quick to make a joke, and is currently living the best life she can.

Unfortunately, Emily’s tumour is located in a part of her brain that makes it very difficult and dangerous to operate on.

Emily has been receiving life-saving care at the RCH since she was six years old. She is now receiving a new type of treatment, an innovative new drug aiming to starve her tumour of the protein it needs to grow.

So far, this treatment has been much kinder on her body than her previous therapies, and her family could not be more grateful for the individualised, world-class care Emily is receiving at the RCH.

Can you please help kids like Emily by donating to the RCH Auxiliaries Good Friday Appeal campaign? Every dollar counts. Your donation can have a life-changing impact on so many children, just like Emily.

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