Donate goods and services

Donations of goods and services are used by the RCH Foundation, its fundraising groups and the RCH Auxiliaries to raise funds to support the hospital.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to accept all donations of goods and services, and are unable to distribute donated goods to patients.

To make sure the hospital and its patients benefit from your generosity, please read these guidelines before donating any items.

What we can accept for fundraising purposes

Raffle and auction items

Stalls, raffles and auctions are popular ways to raise funds for the hospital. The RCH Auxiliaries sell items on their stalls and many Auxiliaries use donated goods and services to auction and raffle. Suggested items include:

  • gift vouchers and event tickets
  • new appliances (complete with manufacturers’ packaging)
  • ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences
  • accommodation/dining packages
  • jewellery
  • framed memorabilia
  • new luxury brand goods

Toys are appreciated for the following age ranges:

  • infants – 0 to 18 months
  • pre-school – 18 months to 4 years
  • school age – 5 to 12 years
  • teenagers – 13 to 18 years

Guidelines for the donation of toys

Most donated toys are used to raise funds for the hospital either through raffles, auctions or sale by Auxiliaries. Please note that the RCH Foundation is unable to distribute donated goods to hospital patients.

Donated toys must meet the following guidelines:

  • toys must be brand new, unopened and still in manufacturers’ packaging or with tags attached
  • ‘as new’ hard toys can currently be accepted by the RCH Foundation for fundraising purposes
  • we are unable to accept used soft toys due to health and safety reasons
  • toys must not be gift wrapped
  • toy guns and war games cannot be accepted
  • toys must meet Australian Safety Standards
  • toys must have no small or easily detachable parts that could be swallowed
  • toys must have no moving parts that can pinch fingers or hair
  • toys must have no dangers such as protrusions, sharp edges or breakable glass
  • electrical, spark-producing toys are prohibited by fire regulations
  • glue or paint in craft kits must be non-toxic and non-flammable

Clothes, knitted goods, quilts

We are grateful to receive donated new and unused items of clothing, knitted goods and quilts. These items are sold on the RCH Auxiliaries stalls to raise funds for the hospital.

What we are unable to accept

For a variety of reasons, we cannot accept certain donated items. These include:

  • used items including toys, clothing, furniture
  • new or used medical equipment and supplies
  • used books, DVDs or VHS tapes
  • any food items (unless it is fully sealed, well before its use-by date and can be used for raffles and the like; for example, a box of chocolates)
  • denominational or religious material
  • items containing shredded foam, small pellets or beans as filling
  • balloons of any kind
  • perishable items

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