Molly, Gianluca and Emelia’s Bake Sale

Fundraising superstars come in all shapes and sizes, and, these little fundraisers definitely fall into the younger (and shorter) end of the spectrum. Inspired to do something to support the RCH, eight year old Emelia Ala rallied her younger brother, five year old Gianluca, and neighbour Molly to hold a fundraising bake sale.

Together the team set about creating the menu and developing flyers which were delivered to everyone in their street. From chocolate crackles to colourful cookies, each item was handmade by the trio (with a little help from their parents) and for two hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon, residents came together to support the cause.

“My husband and I are so proud of them all for their dedication in supporting such a good cause. We’re also glad to be part of a great neighbourhood who supported us,” said mum Mirella.

The team were overwhelmed by the support they received from the community, raising over $180 and even receiving a couple of donations in their letterbox from neighbours unable to attend the bake sale. Emilia’s fundraising skills also included expert after service, with each neighbour was also receiving a hand written thank you note from the team.


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