BR Wellington are chipping in

Accounting firm BR Wellington understand money and the impact it can have.

For the past seven years the BR Wellington Give Me 5 fundraising team has supported the RCH through Run for the Kids. Not only are they one of the largest teams to participate in the run, they are also one of the biggest fundraisers, raising an incredible $57,020 this year alone. Overall, the Give Me 5 team have donated more than $531,000 to the hospital.

This year’s funds are supporting the RCH Chronic Illness Peer Support Program (ChIPS), which is a vibrant peer support program for young people aged 12 to 25 years living with a chronic illness. Offering a wide range of opportunities including facilitated discussion support groups, social events, leadership opportunities and camps, ChIPS helps young people with a chronic illness enjoy experiences and challenges that can be difficult for them to attempt in everyday life.

“We are so proud to be the sole corporate partner of the ChiPS program, which motivates and mentors young people with chronic illness.”

“To have the opportunity to be part of this amazing program not only boosts their confidence, but gives them the tools and opportunities to go above and beyond their capabilities, and provides them a new lease of life that they so deserve,” said Graham Haydar, Director of BR Wellington.

This incredible show of support means a lot to ChIPS members, as the life changing program relies entirely on philanthropic support.

“The support of BR Wellington means that we can achieve greater things. It means we are able to support and fund more young people to achieve success in our program. Thank you BR Wellington for everything you do for us,” said Julia Ludbrook, a member of the ChIPS Reference Committee and one of the Peer Leaders.