RCH1000 member profile: Meet Michael Argyrou

Michael Argyrou modestly describes himself as a “builder”, but he’s actually the co-founder of Hickory, one of Australia’s leading construction companies.

Melbourne born and raised, Michael is a fourth generation builder and a passionate advocate for the built environment. As a father of four children, Michael is also passionate about ensuring that the RCH is the best paediatric hospital it can be.

  1. In five words, tell us why you’re passionate about supporting the RCH?

Because children deserve great care.

  1. How did you become involved in the RCH community?

Many years ago, a friend of mine told me about RCH1000. As a father, I understood how important it was to get involved and ensure sick children have access to the best medical facility. I signed up right away.

  1. How have you supported the RCH over the years?

I’ve primarily supported the hospital through RCH1000 and was a longstanding member of its committee. I worked hard to share the cause with people and encourage them to join our mission to support ground breaking research at the RCH.

  1. What’s your favourite RCH1000 memory?

As a committee member, I helped with planning our events and sourcing speakers, etc. One of our Hickory employees had a daughter who had grown up being cared for at the RCH, so I introduced him to RCH1000 and he kindly agreed to speak at the event. His story was so moving and gave attendees an understanding of how the RCH touches the lives of so many people. It really highlighted why supporting paediatric research is so important.

  1. What would you say to someone thinking of joining RCH1000?

RCH1000 is a great way to support paediatric research at the hospital. With new members we can continue this support and ensure that the work of RCH1000 is integral, relevant and sustainable.