Leaving a legacy for the next generation

Lounging back in his favourite chair, feet warming up by the wood stove and a Monte Carlo biscuit at arm’s reach, this is how many will fondly remember Mayoh Thomson.

Mayoh had a long life on the land, including more than 50 years in Gerrigerrup, Western Victorian, breeding sheep and cattle. Mayoh passed away at the age of 85, and generously recognised RCH as the main beneficiary of his estate.

Growing up in rural South Australia, Mayoh was one of four children, and later moved to Western Victoria where he continued farming. After purchasing the Stoney Rises farm including the soldier settlement house, Mayoh’s commitment to his farm and livestock never wavered. He established a strong reputation for the quality of his cattle, yet his ultimate successes in the farming industry were kept private, as he lived simply and was never known to spend money on himself.

“He was happy living with the bare essentials and always looked after himself,” said Jeanette Carmichael, long-time employee of Mayoh’s. “He never talked about finances and it wasn’t until he passed away that we learnt of his donation to the RCH.”

Never married and with only one living sister, Mayoh’s generous gift to the hospital included the sale of his land and cattle, a donation that will make a significant impact on the treatment and care of children at the RCH.

“Mayoh always took a lot of pride in his stock and the auction made a huge impact at the stock yards,” said Jeanette. This would have made the old farmer proud.

Following Mayoh’s wishes, his generous gift will go towards supporting life-saving equipment and technology which will support the care of Victorian children for years to come.

‘’Mayoh got in touch with us personally several years ago. He asked great questions, to get peace of mind about how the RCH Foundation would care for his gift, and fulfill his intentions. It has been a delight to find out more about him through his wonderful friends and it is our privilege to turn his compassionate gift into a great legacy of healing here, in his name,” said Jessica Frean, Senior Executive, Planned Giving.