Meet the supporter: Doris Read

Doris Read has been helping to raise funds for the hospital for 65 years. As the longest serving Auxiliary member, she continues to inspire her peers with her thoughtful fundraising ideas and boundless passion.

Auxiliaries are a family affair for Doris Read. Introduced to Templestowe Auxiliary by her mother-in-law, Doris has shared this tradition of giving back with her husband, daughter and granddaughter, who are all members of RCH Auxiliaries.

The second winner of the Madge Tate Award and a Living Treasure, Doris is currently the longest serving member of Auxiliaries. She’s seen the hospital change buildings twice, worked side-by-side with the legendary Madge Tate and been President of Templestowe Auxiliary.

“The hospital draws great people to its cause. I’ve loved meeting the staff, patients and fellow Auxiliary members over the years.”