20 grants to receive RCH Foundation funding

The RCH Foundation is pleased to announce 20 grants have been approved in the December Committee Meeting, totalling over $13 million.

The successful grants relate to a number of different departments and medical specialisations across the campus. Here’s a preview of the upcoming projects:

Equipment and Technology
State-of-the-art anaesthesia and patient monitoring machines will soon be available in operating theatres. The new technology will enhance patient monitoring, breathing support and staff efficiency, and will integrate smoothly into the EMR.

Patient and Family Centred Care
The newly established Complex Colorectal Service (CCS) at the RCH will soon benefit from the support of an extended team including two dedicated clinical nurse specialists, a clinical psychologist and a social worker. The new roles will firmly establish the CCS as a national centre of excellence, and help to drive excellence in clinical practice, supporting new initiatives in education and research, while providing an excellent level of care for patients and families.

Leadership, Education and Training
The Royal Children’s Hospital will soon be home to a dedicated Education Hub. In partnership with The University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics and MCRI, the hub will focus on advancing education across the campus to enhance inter-professional and inter-departmental collaboration, and ensure a greater outcomes for patient care. The new hub will embrace new technologies, providing outcomes both off- and online.

Patients undergoing Fontan surgery will soon be provided with additional mental health support. Babies who undergo Fontan surgery to treat heart conditions can live through to adulthood, however as they grow older they can experience a series of additional health risks, which can greatly impact their mental health. A newly funded research program will help to identify at-risk patients early on, and develop a framework for care.

RCH Foundation funding is available for projects across campus via the grants program.
Dates for the 2019 funding rounds are now available, to learn more and apply, click here