The new faces of fundraising: Kids Can Auxiliary

‘Community-minded’, ‘entrepreneurial’ and ‘passionate’ are just some of the words often used to describe eighteen year old Lachlan Heywood.

As well as completing his final year of the International Baccalaureate and being President of ‘Interact’, a secondary school Rotary Club, Lachlan is taking on another challenge; launching Kids Can Auxiliary under the auspices of CasKids and taking on the role of President.

After helping out at a CasKids Auxiliary event waiting tables, Lachlan approached CasKids Auxiliary President Robyn Anderson about how he could get some young people involved in fundraising for the RCH.

“After the event was over, Lachlan approached me and asked how he would go about setting up a group of next generation supporters and what was involved,” Robyn said.

Following the conversation, Lachlan came back to Robyn with the idea of establishing ‘Kids Can’, a youth wing of the longstanding CasKids Auxiliary. Lachlan and the other passionate members of the group have already come up with plenty of fundraising ideas and aim to raise $10,000 in the next year.

“After volunteering with both CasKids and Cancer Crusaders Auxiliaries, I was inspired to continue to do work with the Auxiliaries. I also realised there was a lack of youth in Auxiliaries driving me to bring a new generation into their fantastic work at the RCH,” said Lachlan.

Kids Can Auxiliary, like CasKids Auxiliary will raise money for the RCH Emergency Department.

“I see the CasKids Auxiliary members as mentors who will encourage those involved with Kids Can Auxiliary. We are aware that our knowledge of Auxiliaries and our passion and advice will be helpful to them. In turn, new people bring new ideas, new talents, wisdom and fellowship,” said Robyn.

Robyn has every faith that the new generation of members, led by Lachlan will be a success.

“Lachlan is very entrepreneurial in his outlook and I can see he will be a success at whatever he decides to do. In every generation there are young people who stand out from the crowd and when you meet them you are inspired to support their vision. Lachlan is one such person,” said Robyn.