Finnan’s Gift fund ECMO machine

In memory of their son Finnan Maximus Camplin-Warner, Alisa and Oliver Camplin-Warner, together with their incredible community of supporters have raised more than $2 million to support critically ill cardiac patients at the RCH.

The Camplin-Warners founded Finnan’s Gift in 2011 in honour of their son, Finnan, who passed away from congenital heart disease at just 10 days old.
Oliver said the couple established Finnan’s Gift as a way of channelling their grief into something positive, by supporting the great work of the doctors and nurses at the RCH, and to save other families from the same grief.

“When we think about what’s been achieved in Finnan’s honour over the last eight years, we feel overwhelmingly proud and grateful. To be able to raise more than $2 million for cardiac care in Finnan’s name is incredibly humbling,” said Oliver.

Each year, Alisa and Oliver chose a specific piece of cardiac equipment to fundraise for, and over the past eight years have helped fund significant pieces of life-saving equipment including oxygenation monitors, specialised cameras for operating theatres and infant warmers to help keep the sickest babies close. It’s through Alisa and Oliver’s incredible commitment to cardiac care at the RCH, and their desire to provide world class cutting edge equipment, that the RCH now has access to a Cardiohelp device.

“There are so many other families across Australia who need help, so we’re incredibly proud to be able to raise $150,000 this year to purchase the first ever Cardiohelp device for the RCH. This is a purpose built, mobile heart lung ECMO machine that will be used to transport critically ill cardiac patients safely from other hospitals throughout Australia back to the RCH so they can receive expert care,” said Alisa.

Fundraising for Finnan’s Gift is a year round process, including fun runs, community events and fancy dress balls, as well as generous donations from both individuals and corporates.

“Our community is at the heart of everything we do. A huge thanks goes to our family and friends, wonderful long term supporters, and particularly to the other RCH families who’ve had experiences like ours or those families who simply want to say thanks. We know that together we’re helping to save and improve the lives of children around Australia, and nothing feels better than making a real difference!” said Alisa.