Meet UooUoo artist Juzpop

Meet Melbourne based artist and muralist Justine Millsom, aka Juzpop, and her cousin Tammy, the inspiration behind the incredible UooUoo design. Tammy Cipriano, who was born with cystic fibrosis and had her life saved in 2014 when a donor was found for her double lung transplant.

‘Tammy’s Donor’ is one of the one hundred UooUoo sculptures featuring in Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail throughout Melbourne and Geelong. Adorned with a dragonfly and rose motifs, Juzpop’s design was inspired by Tammy, who’s condition is also commonly referred to as “65 roses” as depicted through the floral petals on her UooUoo which you can see at Royal Park’s nature play playground.

Outside of her dedication to the RCH, Justine is most recognised for her pop-infused feminine portraitures found around the streets of Melbourne, and in various nooks around the world. Justine’s practise is driven by a mission to inject colour and uplifting art into bleak environments that were designed without, to empower all a more joyous time on earth, and foster deeper connections to our surroundings.