An innovative pivot for Geelong UooUoos

In the Northern gateway to Geelong, hidden amongst the historic factories next to the waterfront, an innovative and creative new precinct is buzzing to life. Walking around the re-invented Federal Woollen Mills site you’ll discover a hive of activity for a new generation of businesses, start-ups, design studios, offices and cafes, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot a UooUoo!

Pivot City Innovation Precinct is the latest undertaking from Geelong locals the Hamilton Group, an organisation dedicated to providing Geelong’s most inspiring workspaces and business precincts. What began as incredible foresight into the increasing need for affordable office spaces for Geelong businesses by converting underutilised warehouses in 1995, has now grown into a multi-generational family business, managing over 18 different properties, housing over 100 organisations that employ more than 2,000 people in the Greater Geelong region.

The organisation is passionate about how their spaces are also able to inspire the local community and help not-for-profit initiatives and leapt at the opportunity to support The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) through being involved with Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail.

“We’re incredibly proud of Geelong’s makers and creators, and much like the rest of Victoria, we are grateful to have a facility like the RCH to support our kids. When the opportunity became available to combine the two, we didn’t hesitate to get involved,” said Andrew Hamilton, Director of Hamilton Group.

In support of 8 Geelong artists involved in the art trail, Pivot City dedicated a workshop/exhibition space to the painting of their UooUoos in early 2020. The multi-purpose area allowed for a functional space for the artists during the design process and has now become the permanent location for a herd of Uoouoos for the remainder of the art trail.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation is incredibly grateful to the team at Hamilton Group for making the new UooUoo habitat possible, and for welcoming the sculptures into this vibrant innovation hub in North Geelong.

”When all 10 Geelong sculptures needed to be moved to a new, COVID-safe and secure location, Pivot City Innovation Precinct was an obvious choice,” said Bebe Backhouse, Director of RCH150 at The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“Through the support of the Hamilton Group, two dedicated exhibition spaces were created to house the sculptures, with the UooUoos spanning both the indoor and outdoor galleries, allowing visitors to truly immerse themselves in the designs and learn more about each sculpture.”

Hamilton Group is thrilled to have families explore the art trail and experience the excitement of discovering new designs on site. The opportunity to venture to Pivot City is a unique way for locals and visitors to the area to explore what Geelong has to offer within the arts and culture sector.

“We hope that adults and sponsors can enjoy what the art trail has to offer much as the kids. We encourage people to come along, discover the stories behind the UooUoo sculptures and potentially enquire about having one in your own office or garden full-time!” explained Andrew Hamilton.

“The art trail was made for a space like this and hosting the Geelong sculptures at Pivot City is a great way to not only celebrate the site but to achieve the goals of the art trail in support of the hospital’s anniversary milestone. The work of the RCH is fantastic and we are incredibly proud to be involved in bringing the sculptures to the community,” explained Andrew Hamilton.

The Geelong Habitat is located at 33 Mackey Street North Geelong and is open Monday to Wednesday 9 am to 5pm and Thursday to Sunday 9am to 9pm.

To learn more about Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail, please visit our FAQ page or email [email protected].​