Spotlight Series | The Impact of Philanthropy on Cardiology

The online Spotlight Series event showcased the impact of philanthropy on the Cardiology Department at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).

Hosted by Sue Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, RCH Foundation, the webinar was an exclusive opportunity to hear directly from, and ask questions of Professor Michael Cheung, Director of the Cardiology Department, as well as other members of his team, Dr Jacob Mathew, Dr Remi Kowalski and Ms Caitlin Elliott.

Watch the webinar below. 

If you would like any more about how you can support the Cardiology Department, please contact Donna Aranyi, Philanthropy Executive at [email protected] 

The RCH Foundation’s Spotlight Series
A curated series of events for our most generous donors, the Spotlight Series provides an exclusive insight into the work of the hospital. It celebrates the impact of philanthropy at the RCH.