Thank You BankVic

Article from 2020/2021 Impact of Giving Annual Report

BankVic, a member owned bank that serves police, health and emergency services, as well as their family and friends, have been a proud corporate supporter of the RCH since 2017.

Across this time, BankVic have supported the hospital in many different ways, including sponsoring projects like the Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Nursing Development Scholarship (DEMNDS), the RCH150 Hospital Heroes Gallery, volunteering for the Good Friday Appeal and most recently via their Workplace Giving program called BVgive.

“At BankVic, we exist to go further for our members so that they can go further in their lives. We do this by providing great value banking services and outstanding personal service, but we also do it by supporting the career development of our members through our investments in programs like the scholarship,” said Anthony De Fazio, Chief Executive Officer at BankVic.

This year, BankVic were the Principal Sponsor of DEMNDS, a prestigious scholarship that supports the advancement of nurses at the RCH. The partnership with DEMNDS first began in 2017, and over the past four years it has flourished, showcasing BankVic’s commitment to the RCH community.

The generous support of BankVic means that nurses like Jenny O’Neill, the 2021 DEMNDS recipient, can develop her leadership in clinical ethics and pilot a program that aims to empower nurses across the hospital through education in same area. This program will not only help individual nurses, it will also allow the hospital to continue providing world leading patient care.

As well as supporting DEMNDS, BankVic were a proud supporter of the RCH150 Hospital Heroes Gallery, a series of exhibitions throughout 2020 and 2021 celebrating the ‘unsung heroes’ of the RCH who make the hospital the world leading institution it is today. Before moving online due to COVID-19 restrictions, the gallery was housed outside the BankVic branch on campus.

BankVic staff members have also contributed directly to the hospital through the newly launched Workplace Giving Program, BVgive, which will help the RCH create a brighter future for sick children now and into the future.

“All staff at the RCH make a huge difference to the lives of sick children and the greater community, so our support of the hospital through projects like the DEMNDS, the Hospital Heroes Gallery and through our BVgive program, are part of our commitment to giving back to our community. Our support also extends to having a dedicated BankVic branch on campus that allows staff to access our services at their convenience,” said Anthony.