Thank you Live Life Foundation

The RCH cares for thousands of sick children and young people each year, including those diagnosed with neurological movement disorders. These life-limiting and progressive disorders cause muscle weakness, uncontrollable violent movements, and twisting postures or spasms that profoundly impact on a child’s quality of life.

Thanks to the generosity of the Live Life Foundation and their generous pledge at the RCH150 Anniversary Dinner, children and young people with these disorders can continue receiving the most advanced and specialised care through the RCH Neurology Department.

With a passion for philanthropy and community, successful businessman Perry Sambor established the Live Life Foundation in 2013 to support the care of children with disabilities.

In 2014, Perry was introduced to Associate Professor Andrew Kornberg, a senior neurologist in the RCH Neurology Department. The meeting was the beginning of a great friendship and incredible ongoing support by the Live Life Foundation. Since that time, the Live Life Foundation has raised funds exclusively for Neurology in support of projects that assist children diagnosed with disorders of the brain, nerves and muscles.

“Through the Live Life Foundation, we aim to positively impact the future of children’s health and give these special patients a chance to live their lives to the fullest. We are proud to support the RCH Neurology Department and its incredible staff,” said Perry.

The Live Life Foundation holds an annual golf day to raise funds, with Perry using his extensive business networks to advocate for the cause. To date, the Live Life Foundation has contributed towards several projects including sponsoring a bed on Cockatoo, which benefits children requiring ongoing surgical or neurological care, as well as providing funding for the Stroke, Epilepsy and Complex Movement Disorders Programs and the Neuromuscular Clinic which streamlines appointments and care across multiple departments. Significantly, they have also provided funds for Neurology Clinical Research Fellowship position, and at the RCH150 Anniversary Dinner, Perry made a significant pledge with funds going to the Neurology Department.

“We’re very grateful to the Live Life Foundation for its support of vital projects across the Neurology Department, including the  Stroke, Epilepsy and Complex Movement Disorders Programs and the Neuromuscular Clinic. Significantly, the Live Life Foundation have also provided funds for Neurology Clinical Research Fellowship position, supporting the next generation of neurologists, and helping to undertake vital research to improve outcomes for children,” said Associate Professor Andrew Kornberg.

Through the Live Life Foundation, Perry and his supporters continue to enhance the expertise of Neurology and make an impact on the lives of children with neurological movement disorders.