Thank you Sara

Article from 2020/2021 Impact of Giving Annual Report

As one of the original members of RCH1000, Sara Gold has spent 20 years supporting world leading research at the RCH. Created in 2001, RCH1000 is a donor group where members commit to giving at least $1,000 a year to support research at the hospital and its campus partners.

Sara was encouraged to join by friends Efrem Goldhammer OAM, founder of RCH1000, Barry Novy OAM, current Chairman and his wife Helen. Since she has been a member, two of her 18 grandchildren have needed serious care at the hospital, strengthening her connection and desire to give.

“I decided to become a member of RCH1000 because the hospital is wonderful. It’s an outstanding organisation. Supporting research for children’s health is especially important as there are many diseases and conditions we need to know more about and find cures for. The worst thing to see is a child who is really ill and there’s nothing you can do for them,” said Sara.

Across the past 20 years, RCH1000 has supported research projects in cardiology, neurology, and haematology. Reflecting on these research projects, what stuck with Sara was a RCH1000 event she attended led by the Cardiology Department which focused on childhood strokes and their prevalence.

“Learning about that really resonated with me, not knowing anyone who’d had one, but the mere fact that I had never considered children could have strokes. Hearing about the research into it, how the hospital treated it and how children recovered was incredible,” said Sara.

Sara has also been on RCH1000 committee since 2016 and has enjoyed the sense of purpose knowing that their support has helped achieve significant research outcomes for sick children.

“It is a great committee to be on. It is very well led by Barry and its results driven which is important. I look forward to see how RCH1000 grows and the impact it will have into the future.”​

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