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RCH1000 supports ground breaking research projects at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and campus partners, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and the University of Melbourne’s Department of Paediatrics.

Become a member of RCH1000

As a member of RCH1000, you are part of a giving community committed to supporting research at the hospital and our campus partners.

Each member makes an annual minimum $1,000 donation to fund vital research projects across the RCH campus.

You will be invited to special events at the RCH along with our annual RCH1000 dinner. We will also keep you updated about the transformational impact your support is having on sick children.

If you’re not able to commit to $1,000 annually, any and all donations are always appreciated and will be put towards research at the RCH.

Over 20 years of impact

2021 marked 20 years since RCH1000 was founded by the late Efrem Goldhammer OAM with the goal of creating a network of donors who pledge $1,000 annually. Since then it has grown into a vibrant philanthropic community, supporting ground-breaking research at RCH and its campus partners.

Thank you so much for your being a part of this journey. Together, you have made an incredible impact on the care and treatment of sick children and their families.

The Campus Wide Mental Health Strategy

RCH1000 are pleased to announce our new project focusing on one of the biggest health problems: mental health. The Melbourne Children’s Campus Mental Health Strategy, will be able to deliver a uniform and evidence-based approach to mental health prevention, care and advocacy for all patients and their families across the RCH campus.

Hear from Barry Novy OAM, Chairman of RCH1000 introducing the new RCH1000 funded project, and Professor Harriet Hiscock who explains the project and the impact of RCH1000 support.

The HAPPI Kids Study

From 2014 to 2021, RCH100 were proud to support of the Harmonising Age Pathology Parameters in Kids (HAPPI Kids) study. Through member’s support, this study resulted in thousands of children in Victoria and beyond are benefitting from having their blood results correctly understood according to their age range.

Hear from project lead Professor Paul Monagle and Haematologist Anthea Greenway on why this research is so important.

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Madeline Soloveychik

“We have a ‘busy’ injury-prone toddler. As a parent, if you’ve ever had the misfortune of attending the RCH emergency department, you will know the peace that comes from feeling your child is in the best place they can be. 

We feel an overwhelming desire to thank RCH and staff and to do what we can to ensure other children get to access the same stellar level of treatment and care.  

Joining RCH1000 is a small way we can get behind RCH to help them discover new treatments and cures for our children.  There’s no greater feeling!

Ben Walker 

“My younger brother was born with a genetic liver disorder so I spent a lot of time at the RCH as a child and teenager. The care and treatment provided to my brother saved his life.

As I’ve now become a father myself (with one particularly accident prone son who has already had four trips to the RCH!), the importance of what the RCH does to support families has become evident.

Now that I’m able to donate to the RCH1000 both financially and with my time, I find there isn’t a greater cause than supporting an institution that improves the lives of our children.”

Shanika Peiris

“Witnessing the pain and anguish families go through having sick children, opened my eyes to a number of horrible diseases and conditions babies can be born with.

It really highlighted why supporting and giving to paediatric research is so important.

With this in mind, I have confidence my donation to RCH1000 can and will have a positive impact for the future of children’s health.”

Geoff Kliger

“I seized the opportunity to be involved when Efrem Goldhammer, the founding chairman, offered it. I believe that children are our community’s most vulnerable members and therefore we all have a duty to protect and nurture them. In RCH1000 I saw an opportunity to really make a difference to a great number of children through paediatric medical research.

Through my involvement in RCH1000 I have met and come to know some amazing people including clinicians, researchers, administrators and RCH100 members. They have all enhanced me in ways I did not count on when I first became involved.”

With a passion for philanthropy and community, Barry Novy OAM has a long-standing relationship with the hospital, as a former board member of the RCH and former chairman of the RCH Foundation. He is currently the chairman of RCH1000.

“If like me, you are proud of being part of this unique and impactful giving community, please spread the word by sharing this page with family, friends and colleagues so that we can continue to support research for many years to come.”

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