Thank you Ronnie

Article from 2022 Impact of Giving Annual Report

Ronnie Hudson, who was born and raised in Melbourne, grew up watching the Good Friday Appeal on TV. Combined with the support of generous parents who instilled in him the importance of giving to charity, this experience led Ronnie to join the RCH Foundation’s regular giving program, The Children’s Tree.

Ronnie works as a manufacturing technician at the CSL Broadmeadows plant, and he and his partner Daniela welcomed their first child, Isaac, about seven months ago. While Ronnie explains that their son has already had an incredible impact on their lives, Ronnie’s passion for supporting the hospital started before he was a dad.

“My donations to the RCH began before we even thought about having a baby, even before I was in a relationship. There are plenty of different charities out there, but I thought there was nothing more important than to give to kids. They’re the future and they’re innocent and helpless in so many ways. I just couldn’t find a more worthy charity to give to than the RCH, Ronnie said.

“I started donating when I wasn’t doing well financially. It was during the pandemic, and even though I didn’t have much at the time, I thought I could contribute whatever I did have towards people who were in a worse off situation than I was. It gives me a good feeling to know that I am able to contribute to such an important cause, especially now with my young one. I never know when, God forbid, I will need to visit the hospital with him. I really couldn’t find a better cause.”

“Regardless of how much money I make, I always feel it is my duty to give a percentage to charity. I don’t expect anything in return, it just helps me sleep well at night and helps me feel good about being able to help others,”he added.

Ronnie regularly drives past the hospital on Flemington Road and finds the buildings and facilities to be a visual reminder of the impact of his donations.

“When you can see something like that grow in front of your eyes, you know that your money is going towards something beneficial and something real. It’s an organisation that is really benefiting the health of the future generations of Australia.”

“I love knowing that my hard work, my money is being spent well. That I’m not working in vain, I’m able to provide for my family but I’m also able to contribute to the health and wellbeing of other, less fortunate children. It just makes me feel really good.”

Ronnie couldn’t be any more encouraging of others thinking of joining The Children’s Tree.

“Being a regular giver to the RCH makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. I think everybody can do it. We’re a very generous country. We’re a very wealthy country. And people really shouldn’t give a second thought to giving back to this amazing organisation,” he said.