Thank you Jasmine Dindas

Article from 2022/2023 Impact of Giving Annual Report

Jasmine Dindas is an avid supporter of the RCH Foundation, whose generosity stems from a personal connection with the hospital. Over the years, her support of the RCH has taken many forms, including involvement with the Auxiliaries, individual giving and now membership of the RCH1000.

Jasmine’s son Daniel arrived five weeks prematurely, struggling to breathe and in desperate need of medical attention. He spent weeks in the NICU at the RCH, relying on a ventilator and even enduring a two week induced coma. “Daniel received incredible care with the primary goal being his journey to improve. His team of nurses and doctors demonstrated dedication beyond words,” Jasmine shared.

Daniel’s battle for survival was nothing short of a miracle.It was the unwavering commitment of the RCH staff that saved Daniel’s life and instilled in Jasmine a profound sense of gratitude. Her philanthropic journey began when she started the Tiny Miracles Auxiliary in 1996, a group that raised funds for the NICU at the RCH until 2013. Since that time, her generosity has evolved into organising dinner and cocktail fundraising events in support of the RCH. Jasmine also makes regular donations, aimed at helping the hospital purchase state of the art equipment and fund vital research to help countless children and families.

“The best part is knowing what a difference the RCH plays in people’s lives. Just knowing it’s there to provide whatever is required, from surgery to psychology, to oncology and prosthetics,” explained Jasmine.

In 2020, Jasmine became a member of the RCH1000, a giving community in which each member makes an annual minimum $1,000 donation, to help fund vital research projects across the RCH campus.For Jasmine, a defining moment of her life was not just witnessing Daniel graduate from university, but also the realisation that he had defied the odds stacked against him during his early days.

“No one really realises the impact the RCH has on the community until you need its services. I believe that research is the key for a brighter future, especially for those grappling with long term illnesses,” she said.

In her own words, Jasmine reflects on her family’s journey, stating, “Daniel and our whole family are very grateful for the care we received at the hospital.”