For applicants

1. What does the RCH Foundation fund?
The RCH Foundation funds equipment, leadership and training positions, research projects, educational projects, and projects that will benefit patients and families.

2. How do I find the online proposal for funding form?
The online form is located here.

3. Is there an example of the online form?
Yes, here is an example of the online form.

4. What is the word count for each section?
3,000 characters (including spaces). We recommend you type up your proposal in Word and then copy and paste directly into the online form.

5. How many attachments can I upload?
The system allows for one attachment (up to 5MB) to be uploaded into the online form. We recommend combining multiple documents into one PDF and uploading the documents as one attachment. Please contact the RCH Foundation Grants Office if you require assistance or have extra attachments you would like included in your proposal.

6. I have accidentally submitted my proposal, what do I do?
Please contact the RCH Foundation Grants Office.

7. How do I work out the budget?
Your Management Accountant will be able to provide the information you require. Please contact them to discuss requirements before completing the online form.

8. Can I print my form before I submit it?
Yes. When you select ‘Submit’ you will be directed to review your proposal. At this point you can make a correction or print.

9. Can I access my proposal once I have submitted?
No. Once your proposal has been submitted it is locked and for RCH review.

10. Who are the hospital reviewers?
Your Head of Department, Management Accountant, Executive Director and the RCH Funding Proposal Committee.

11. Do I have to arrange signatures?
No, this is managed by the online system, Salesforce, and overseen by the RCH Foundation Grants Office.

12. I am the head of my department as well as the applicant, who reviews my proposal as Head of Department?
You would review your proposal unless you have a direct manager (i.e. the Allied Health Director would review proposals submitted from the Social Work Head of Department).

13. My proposal was reviewed by the hospital and was not supported, what happens next?
You will receive an automated email from the online system to advise you to contact the reviewer who was not supportive and discuss the reasons.

14. I have discussed the reasons why my proposal was not supported, how do I access my proposal to amend it?
Please contact the RCH Foundation Grants Office to have the form reopened.

15. I have resubmitted my form after making edits, what happens next?
Your proposal will be re-reviewed by hospital reviewers.

16. Can I approach the RCH Foundation for research funding?
Yes. However, you first need to discuss your requirements with your MCRI Theme Director before completing the online form. As custodian of research on campus, MCRI will need to approve your request prior to review by the RCH and RCH Foundation.

17. How many quotes do I have to provide for equipment funding requests?
The RCH requires three quotes. If there is only one option available, you will need to complete an exemption form. Please contact RCH Procurement and Biomedical Engineering to discuss further.

18. What if I cannot provide the quotes at the time of completing the proposal?
RCH reviewers (especially the Management Accountant) will require supporting documents to be able to review the budget. Please provide as much information as possible and contact the Management Accountant to discuss.

19. Why does the RCH Foundation have to review my proposal if it has already been reviewed by the hospital?
The RCH Foundation is a separate legal entity and must operate under the requirements of its governing documents. Donations made to the hospital are held in trust by the RCH Foundation for the benefit of the RCH.

For online reviewers

1. I received an email asking me to review a proposal online, but now cannot locate the email. How do I access the proposal?
You can login at login.salesforce.com and select the ‘Home’ tab to see proposals awaiting your review.

2. I am not supportive of a proposal, what are the next steps?
Please discuss your concerns with the applicant before rejecting a proposal in Salesforce. It may be that you can make the necessary amendments yourself.

3. I want to make minor changes to the proposal, can I do this?
Yes, you can select ‘edit’, make your changes and save.

4. I have contacted the applicant to discuss my concerns and am still not supportive of the proposal, what are the next steps?
You will need to reject the proposal. A message will then be sent to the applicant to update them of the status. The proposal is then withdrawn from online review.

5. Can I leave comments?
Yes. Once you select reject/approve, you will have the option to make comments prior to approving or rejecting a proposal.

6. Do I need to add in the name of the next reviewer like Mercury?
No. Once you approve, the proposal will automatically move on to the next reviewer.

7. I have reviewed a proposal as Head of Department and am supportive, but I feel that the proposal would benefit from review by another Head of Department. Can I send it on?
No. The reviewer information has already been entered into the system. Please approve the proposal and provide your advice in the comments section. If necessary, an offline review can be arranged — please contact the RCH Foundation Grants Office to discuss.

8. I received a request to review a proposal, but am not the appropriate Head of Department to provide a review – what should I do?
Please contact the RCH Foundation Grants Office to discuss.

9. I received a request to review a proposal, but am on leave and have delegated to an acting Head of Department in my absence – what should I do?
If you have set up an out of office message on your email, the RCH Foundation Grants Office will receive notification of your leave, contact your department for information and reassign the review to your delegate. Otherwise, please email the RCH Foundation Grants Office to request the proposal review be reassigned.

10. Do I have to be on the RCH campus to access and review the proposal?
No. Salesforce is a secure, cloud-based program and can be accessed from anywhere with internet service. If you are accessing Salesforce from a device you don’t normally use, Salesforce will send you an email to confirm your identity before you can proceed. Please note, this will only occur the first time you access Salesforce using the new device.