The grant proposal process

The grant application process consists of two distinct stages: the RCH endorsement process and the RCH Foundation approval process.

The process in its entirety comprises the following steps:

RCH process


The RCH sets the funding priorities.
a. All proposals for funding must satisfy pre-proposal requirements – including:

  • An Expression Of Interest (EOI) form endorsed by the Divisional Chief/Executive Director. A copy of your signed EOI form will need to be uploaded with your full grant proposal. Visit the RCH Intranet for further information about the EOI process.
  • If you require assistance with or have feedback regarding the RCH EOI process please contact the Strategy Team at [email protected]
  • Research proposals and other proposals administered by MCRI can only be considered after undergoing an MCRI internal review process, this includes a Expression of Interest process and Theme Director review before applying online. Applicants should contact the Engagement and Philanthropy office via email [email protected] with the subject line RCHF proposal enquiry. Enquiries must be made a minimum of six weeks ahead of the submission deadline.

Applicant completes the online proposal for funding form – this should only be done once you have completed the relevant campus partner EOI process (see Step 1).
a. To facilitate the application process, the RCH Foundation has an online system which hosts the application form.
b. Applicants can partially complete their proposal form online, save their work and return to finish the proposal at a later date.
c. The proposal for funding form requires applicants from all Campus Partners to reference the RCH Strategic Plan and to ensure that all proposals are in line with hospital priorities.
d. For more information, visit the RCH website or RCH Intranet for a copy of the RCH Strategic Plan or speak with your Head of Department.
e. The form works best in Firefox or Safari. For those using Internet Explorer the form may not display or work properly
f. Download an example version of the proposal for funding form.

The RCH review and endorsement process begins.
All proposals for funding to the RCH Foundation are first reviewed online by three RCH internal reviewers (Head of Department, Finance Business Partner, Chief/Executive Director).
a. Upon review they can approve or reject the proposal.
b. Applicants will receive automatic email notifications at every step of the approval process.​

Proposals that have been successfully reviewed by all 3 reviewers are submitted to the quarterly meeting of the relevant RCH Philanthropic Funding Proposal Committee.
a. The Committees review all proposals for funding and makes recommendations to the RCH CEO.

Proposals supported by the RCH Philanthropic Funding Proposal Committees are reviewed and endorsed by the RCH CEO for submission to the RCH Foundation.

RCH Foundation process

The RCH Foundation reviews proposals to ensure they exemplify excellence, innovation and meet the wishes any relevant donors. The proposals must apply to one of the four key areas for funding.

  • Proposals under $50,000 are reviewed and approved by the RCH Foundation CEO.
  • Proposal over $50,000 are reviewed and approved by the RCH Foundation Grants Committee.
  • Proposals over $5,000,000 are reviewed and approved by the RCH Foundation Board, on recommendation from the RCH Foundation Grants Committee.


Applicants are notified of the outcome of their proposal.

Grant funding is managed and distributed to the RCH in accordance with the grant distribution schedule.

Applicant completes acquittal reports.
Annually and at grant completion the grant applicant must submit a grant acquittal, which includes a financial report and impact report. Not meeting grant reporting requirements may delay or impact access to future grant funding.