Auxiliary Member Responsibilities

The RCH Auxiliaries play an integral part of the hospital.

As an Auxiliary, you are also representing the RCH Foundation at the hospital and at external fundraising events and activities. As such, it is important that all Auxiliary Members follow and adhere to certain responsibilities while upholding the values of the RCH Foundation at all times.

These responsibilities include:

  • Being respectful to each other, RCH staff, RCH supporters and all external contacts
  • Being accountable, punctual and reliable
  • Respecting confidentiality
  • Being honest
  • Asking for support or clarification from the RCH Foundation when needed
  • Ensuring the Auxiliary fundraises exclusively for the RCH
  • Holding a valid Working with Children (WWC) Accreditation. Please contact the Auxiliaries Coordinator for assistance with obtaining a WWC Check
  • Undergoing a National Police Check. Please contact the Auxiliaries Liaison Officer for assistance with obtaining a Police Check
  • Wearing an Identification Badge at all times when at the RCH or when conducting business or attending fundraising events or activities on behalf of an RCH Auxiliary. A picture Identification Badge will be provided to each Auxiliary Member by the RCH Foundation when your National Police Check and WWC have been completed.