RCH Auxiliaries working together

The RCH Auxiliaries come together as a group for joint meetings and functions throughout the year to discuss general Auxiliary matters and to network, socialise and learn from each other.

The RCH Foundation helps to facilitate ongoing communication to keep Auxiliaries in touch with each other and the RCH throughout the year. Additionally, each year the Auxiliaries join together to honour outstanding Auxiliary members who exemplify the values and loyalty of the RCH Auxiliaries.

Auxiliary communications

The RCH Auxiliaries webpage is full of helpful information for Auxiliaries. Additionally, each Auxiliary has your own webpage on the RCH Foundation’s website. You can use this page to share information about your Auxiliary and highlight events, news or milestones. Please note that an Auxiliary may not set up a webpage outside of the RCH Foundation website without approval from the RCH Foundation’s Communications Manager.

The Auxiliaries Digest
The Auxiliaries Digest is an online newsletter sent to Auxiliary members four times a year. It contains all the latest news about the RCH Auxiliaries including a message from the President, new fundraising opportunities, stories from past events and the calendar of upcoming events.

RCH Foundation e-Newsletter
The RCH Foundation also distributes a monthly online newsletter to subscribers. This contains the latest information and news from the RCH Foundation, including RCH patient stories, projects and initiatives funded at the hospital, profiles on donors and fundraisers and a list of upcoming events. You can subscribe to the RCH Foundation e-newsletter by filling out the form at the footer of the RCH Foundation’s website.


A special Auxiliary letterhead and RCH Foundation envelopes are available to all members free of charge from the RCH Foundation’s offices. If you require additions to this letterhead including your Auxiliary details, request can be submitted to the Auxiliaries Team and will be assessed on a needs basis. Approved updates may take up to 1-2 weeks to receive back.

Please note, Auxiliaries cannot use RCH or the RCH Foundation letterhead for their communications, and must use the specific Auxiliary branded options.

To request stationery please contact the Auxiliaries Coordinator.

Promotions and publicity

Promotional activities and collateral

The RCH Foundation produces a range of collateral each year to promote the RCH Auxiliaries. Additionally, Auxiliaries may produce your own collateral in conjunction with the Manager, Auxiliaries and Fundraising.


Any publicity for an Auxiliary event, activity or function needs to be discussed with the Manager, Auxiliaries and Fundraising. Any contact with the media must be made through the Communications Manager at the RCH Foundation, with the exception of advertising or promoting an Auxiliary event in a local newspaper. No Auxiliary member can contact a media outlet without approval from the RCH Foundation Communications Manager.
Any adverse or negative publicity relating to an Auxiliary should be brought to the immediate attention of Manager, Auxiliaries and Fundraising.

Joint meetings and functions

Auxiliaries Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Auxiliaries AGM is held at the RCH in or around August each year. All Auxiliary members are encouraged to attend this meeting, which includes reports from the President and the Manager, Auxiliaries and Fundraising, talks from the RCH team and award presentations.

Combined Auxiliary Meetings

All Auxiliary members are invited to attend Combined Auxiliary Meetings which are held at the RCH Foundation several times a year. These meetings are less formal than the AGM and allow an opportunity for Auxiliary members to network with one another, provide feedback and suggest new ideas on Auxiliary related matters.

Auxiliary Christmas function

A Christmas function is held each year in late November/early December. This event is a thank you to all Auxiliary members for your fundraising efforts throughout the year. There is a nominal fee to attend the function in order to cover the costs.

Recognition and awards

Madge Tate Service award

This prestigious award recognises an eminent Auxiliary member’s dedicated and extraordinary service not only to your own Auxiliary but to the wider Auxiliaries community. You can find the nomination form and guidelines, including selection criteria, here.

Living Treasure award

The Living Treasure Award was established to recognise Auxiliary members who have dedicated themselves to supporting the hospital and have made a significant contribution to your Auxiliary. You can find the nomination form and guidelines, including selection criteria, here.

Long service badges

Long service badges are awarded to Auxiliary members to recognise your long term commitment to supporting the hospital. Long service badges are available from the RCH Foundation offices and are presented for every five years of service. Presentations are made at the Auxiliaries AGM each year. Each Auxiliary must notify the Auxiliaries Coordinator detailing which members are eligible to receive a long service badge.

Certificate of appreciation

The RCH Foundation is incredibly grateful to the RCH Auxiliaries for your commitment and dedication to raising funds for the hospital. To download a special certificate of appreciation, please click here.