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The RCH Foundation ABN

The RCH Foundation ABN is 15 007 143 142


If an emergency occurs in relation to your Auxiliary, you should take any necessary precautions, immediately call 000 and follow all directions provided. Auxiliary members must follow all Emergency procedures while at the RCH. These procedures are detailed on the back of your identification badge.

If you are at the RCH and an Auxiliary member requires emergency medical attention, do not proceed to the RCH emergency department. Please call 000 immediately and follow all directions.

You can find out more information on emergencies here.

Fundraising Resource Centre and other meeting rooms at the RCH

The Fundraising Resource Centre is located within the RCH Foundation offices on the 2nd floor at 48 Flemington Road. This space is available to all Auxiliaries and fundraisers. It is a large, open plan space equipped with a photocopier, meeting rooms, a library and work area. Auxiliaries are encouraged to use this space to be creative, hold meetings and or plan events. Additionally, you can also book a meeting room at the RCH by contacting the Auxiliaries Coordinator.

Parking at the RCH

An Auxiliary member does not need to pay for parking at the RCH if you are attending the hospital for Auxiliary business. Exit parking tickets are available from the RCH Foundation office or the Gratitude Hub. Please park on level B3 when attending the RCH.

If you have any other questions or enquiries, please contact a member of our team below.

Declan Lourey
Manager, Auxiliaries and Fundraising

Level 2, 48 Flemington Road
Parkville VIC 3052
03 9345 6491
[email protected]

RCHF Staff

Lucia Di Maio
Auxiliaries Coordinator

Level 2, 48 Flemington Road
Parkville VIC 3052
03 9345 5188
[email protected]

Tiffany Lucas
President, RCH Auxiliaries

Level 2, 48 Flemington Road
Parkville VIC 3052
[email protected]


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