Tax deductible donations

Tax deductible donations to The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Making a tax deductible donation can reduce your taxable income as well as providing world class care and treatment for children at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). This charity tax donation can help support programs such as Child Life Therapy, which improves hospital experiences for children and families.

Your donations can help to ensure a brighter future for sick children.

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Claiming your tax donations

Contributions of $2 or more made to the RCH Foundation are tax deductible. These donations can be claimed on your tax return, helping to reduce your overall taxable income.

To claim your donation, simply keep your receipts. In your tax return form, detail your donations under section D9, titled ‘Gifts or Donations’. Be ready with necessary documents such as your tax file number, PAYG payment summary and all donation receipts.


Guidelines for tax deductible donations

Only monetary donations of $2 or more are eligible for this deduction. However, it’s important to note that if you receive something in exchange for your donation, like a raffle ticket or merchandise, it does not qualify as a tax deduction. Tokens promoting the organisation, such as badges and stickers, do not affect the tax-deductible status of your donation.

There’s no maximum amount for donations, but there’s a limit on how much you can claim in a financial year. You can’t create or increase a tax loss with your donation claim. If necessary, you can spread the deduction over several years, up to a maximum of five years.


Corporate tax donations to the RCH Foundation

Companies can also donate to the RCH Foundation and claim tax deductions. Businesses can also benefit from tax deductions for their charitable contributions. 

It presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to contribute to a good cause while also claiming the financial benefits that come with it. Click here to learn about becoming a corporate supporter of the RCH Foundation.


The impact of your donation

Your decision to claim a tax deduction doesn’t influence the amount the RCH Foundation receives. This tax benefit serves as an incentive for donors, potentially reducing their taxable income. 

Making a tax deductible donation to the RCH Foundation provides essential support for programs and initiatives that wouldn’t exist without generous contributions. Your donation helps fund crucial areas such as:

  • research
  • equipment and technology
  • leadership, education and training
  • patient and family centred care.

Thanks to your donation, you are contributing to building a world where children and young people thrive.