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RCH1000 supports ground breaking research projects at the hospital.

RCH1000 is committed to helping the hospital discover new treatments and cures for childhood illnesses and diseases. Each member makes an annual $1,000 donation to fund vital research projects at the RCH.

For over 15 years, RCH1000 has supported groundbreaking research projects in paediatric cardiology, neurology and pathology.

Recently, RCH1000 has supported neuroscientists to investigate brain imaging data from hundreds of children, which has been vital in helping to manage seizures, brain tumours and strokes in young patients. The epilepsy, brain tumour and stroke programs at the RCH are now totally dependent on the advanced neuroimaging techniques developed through this research.

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As a member of RCH1000, you are part of an exclusive group of people committed to supporting research at the hospital and our campus partner, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

You will be invited to special events at the RCH along with our annual RCH1000 dinner. We will also keep you updated about the transformational impact your support is having on sick children.

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